Tuesday, November 06, 2012


Yesterday I scampered to the desktop and logged on to my account.  4 messages... 1 known 3 unknown of the 'friend on the web' variety. I sat and stared at the screen. So that is what it comes to ! You get lured into making hundreds of friends and then they forget you when it comes to your most celebrated day ! Sure it was my Birthday.  But even from people you've never met, and some you will never meet and a few you should not meet......you expect some courtesy !
 We are all the same in our comfortable skin.  The family - they know us but won't let out .  The relations - yes, they love to whisper and have much to tell and don't they love that..!  The neighbours they would tell  anyone within shouting distance ..... each of our attributes deserved and not so.
Arrogant, self-centered, pompous, promiscuous, lazybones, miser, flop or sure to flop (!) .
So we're all grumpy, rude, finicky, irritable, nostalgic when with our own.  Not so good mannered, given....And then we are with our social groups the Hi and the Bye and How're you and Missed you class. we metamorphose. we are decent, sophisticated, erudite, desirable, companionable. That is Etiquette. We uplift ouselves to measure upto the expectations of our company.
Facebook is an evolving Media.  Zuckerburg doesn't know the genie he has let out. There are connoisseurs and crooks,  professors and pimps, the well-read and the never-read, the artist and the con artist, the bug and the Bogart....
And one keeps befriending people as one should indeed...in order to  learn of the world inspite of warnings that - only befriend people who are known to you ! Thats hilarious that would mean committing to die in a cemetery closest to your native home. ( more to follow ) .