Thursday, January 19, 2012


India's haloed bunch of eleven great cricketers has been lashed to the post and given a memorable thrashing by arguably the weakest Australian team in recent memory. Every great expert, former great cricketer turned trumpeteer for the Indian team or the BCCI (read shastri and gavaskar et al), had foretold and divined an Indian victory in the series, thus stressing the hypothesis that the debacle in England 2010 was an aberration and no more.  A very realistic assessment of the stature of the 'for a very short while'  world's no. 1 team  awaited these boys in Australia, and how have these icons been trashed, binned and cast at sea is exemplified by the margin of defeats. Lost by an innings, again and again ! The media , utterly stupid and KG level in its IQ has played out innumerable times how Sachin's century is the moment Indian fans and the team are agonisingly waiting to celebrate..!  For God's sake, its a team game with 11 players and when all of them collaborate the team wins, quite like whats happening with the Aussie team. This hardly -subtle principle of the Game is like a quadratic equation for our media-gents..!  'Sachin ka maha shatak kab lagega...?' teri @#&**&%#@*^&..!!!
If laurel in a game depends entirely on an individual then you have Saina Nehwal to celebrate who takes on the world every time she signs up for a tournament. Deepika kumari, the archer from Jharkhand, Sushil kumar the wrestler, Vikas krishen the kid boxer from Haryana and yes, Bindra the shooter and V. Anand the Chess world champion ; these are the champions of India who take on the world everytime they enter the ring or the arena, and hence should their success be rightly feted..!  And as if to rub salt in the wounds, the so-called experts remind you over and over that the big guys are touring Australia for the fourth time, that they have scored more than 40,000 or 50,000 runs jointly..!  Surely somebody should tell these guys that for playing genuine fast bowling on fast wickets, which means balls always travelling between 140-150kmph and sometimes a bit more, a batsman needs youthful reflexes !  The quicker the ball, the swifter the batsman's bat and body-movement and simply that is all there is to playing cricket..! Spot the red and smash it away..! Sadly, Father Time the merciless has taken its toll on India's greats, the body doesn't respond evenwhile the eye spots...and sometimes the eye too, spots late. Replay Dravid's clean-bowled dismissals, Sachin's and Laxman's outside edges to the four slip fielders and the point gets abundantly illustrated. Scientifically speaking, if our aged war-horses have slowed down in their reflexes by only one-tenths of a second, the nasty ball has already gone past their bat and into the stumps even as they are shaping to play the ball..! So whether you wait for the 100th century the 200th or the Bharat Ratna,  Cricket is a young man's game...!!!

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