Sunday, May 27, 2012


Pilots of Air-India love to go on strike...just for any reason under the blue sky.  the Govt. of India in  rare shows of humility begs them, entreats, pleads, humours them to abandon the strike, to collect all their payments for non-work; get all their suspensions revoked honourably and please keep the sarkari airline afloat...!
We the citizens of India, who collectively own this garbage-dumpster company are left watching aghast...! Surely someone should confer with the wise but bewildered citizen..
Govt of India also loves to kill....people..!  the Poor, the Tribal, the River People, Maoists, Naxalites, Human-Rights People, Separatists, Union-Carbide victims..the demonstrator for Justice..!
the Tribals get killed for fighting to protect the Forests- our national property....the Tribals also get slaughtered when they gherao the assembly for their basic rights (Maharashtra-Pawar) ....the poor also get killed for refusing to surrender their lands for order that the  mining companies make enormous turnovers...and the economy attracts foreign investors..! Govts. move decisively to get Narmada river-basin and adjoining settlements cleared of people..!  the Govt of India minimised the liability of Union Carbide to its victims...and facilitated the easy escape of the perpetrators of the chemical-holocaust ! And all this takes place so the Wheels of Development are not obstructed..!
for Precisely the same reason ..could it be argued that the Pilots of sarkari airlines may be considered for death by encounter..!! the Development of Indian Economy is paramount, and the premier national carrier by wilfully not functioning is obstructing National Development..!                ( it is not being suggested that these glorified drivers be actually put to the sword, but that the law of the land should act without discrimination and with single-mindedness of purpose.)

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